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NEW – The Singapore EP + Whispering Sin LP on one disc.

Whispering Sin + Singapore EP as a single disc. Only $10 Shipped!


Singapore EP + Whispering Sin LP on the Same CD, only $10 shipped to your door!

New Jacket Art, in a simple package, with both albums on one disc. $10 with free shipping & handling delivered to your door. The Singapore EP was sold out for the last year and a half as we got out of a previous contract agreement. Now we have bundled it on the same disc as our critically complimented Whispering Sin LP.





Tour Archive 2011

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THIS WEEKEND: JANUARY 20TH THE BEAUVILLES AT FSU / CLUBDOWNUNDER THIS FRIDAY TUESDAY, JANUARY 17, 2012 AT 11:56AM the Beauvilles perform at Club Downunder at FSU on January 20th 2012This Friday January 20th Club Down Under at Florida State University presents the Beauvilles. RSVP to their Facebook Event Here: Club Down Under presents the Beauvilles    S.BEAUVILLE | POST […]

SXSW 2010 Beauvilles at Armadillo Hall

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We got into town earlier than we had planned and shacked up with our pal David Poisson from Austin Live Recording. He is responsible for the great audio on theAustin Psych-Fest DVD that was just released. SXSW 2010 was a success for us, and while not quite as epic as the previous year (where the firemarshall […]

2013 Archive and Alumni Update

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NEW ALUMNI BANDS UPDATE  TUESDAY, MARCH 25, 2014 AT 5:49PM Hey gang. Thanks for coming to our Miami and Tampa revival shows. Thank you also to all the venues and friends around the USA that invited us to other gigs / tours etc. At the time being the Beaus aren’t accepting any shows. But, the […]

Show Archive 2012

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SPECIAL SHOWCASE AT SXSW. BEAU & THE BELIEVERS  SUNDAY, MARCH 11, 2012 AT 9:19PM   Beau and the Believers (Shawn Beauville backed by Thomas Wynn & David of TWTB) perform at the STPP showcase at Casa Chapala on San Jacinto Friday March 16th @ 6:45 pm sharp. This is a one-time-only-SXSW thing. This sort of […]

Show and Tour Archives 2011

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OCTOBER FLORIDA SHOW DATES ANNOUNCED!  WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 2011 AT 10:44AM Okay, after a long and nice 24 day tour up and down the east coast, the Beauvilles are back in Florida, wearing swimsuits and sipping margaritas, and they bringeth the rock and rolleth to you at the following shows. OCTOBER 6th – Will’s Pub, Orlando Florida  w/ […]

Show Archives 2011

TOURDATES ANNOUNCED. THE BEAUVILLES SPRING TOUR & SXSW TOUR 2011 MONDAY, FEBRUARY 21, 2011 AT 5:29PM Details to follow. Please attend these shows so we can keep coming back to your towns and playing the rock and roll gospel for you and put out a Vinyl record. Catch up with us on FACEBOOK athttp://www.facebook.com/thebeauvilles     […]

Show Archives 2010

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THE BEAUVILLES WITH PVT (FORMERLY PIVOT) FROM AUSTRALIA @ BERKLEE COLLEGE IN BOSTON THURSDAY, OCTOBER 21, 2010 AT 3:00PM A highlight to our CMJ tour, to perform with the excellent PVT (now on Warp records) from Australia. They are a band that takes experimentation as a trio to new boundaries, with elaborate soundscapes and tonality. To […]

Beauvilles crush propaganda (show review)

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Beauvilles Bring Rough-Hewn Rock to Propaganda By Nicholas L. Hall Thursday, Jul 1 2010 Those unfamiliar with the Beauvilles might hear that Deep South, plantation-perfect moniker and expect a ragged group of Southern-rock traditionalists or perhaps even revved-up psychobilly retro camp schtick. There’s a bit of the former, none of the latter, and a whole lot more […]

Creative Loafing Sensory Overload Capacity Crowd

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the Beauvilles provided the rock ‘n’ roll exclamation point on the night’s festivities with their blistering set at New World, Shawn Kyle Beauville [pictured above right] proving once and for all that the Bay area does, indeed, have rock stars as he raged on guitar while doing Robert Plant proud with all his posturing and […]

The Beauvilles are (were) a band known for incendiary live shows via vintage style rock and roll led by a singer-guitarist eerily evocative of dead 70’s icons. The group was recognized by the Grammy Foundation NARAS for a significant independent release (Singapore EP), and featured multiple times by SXSW magazine and music festival, as well as CMJ magazine and music festival.

Founded by singer songwriter and guitarist Shawn Kyle ca. 2002 with no music industry ambitions when mainstream music was obsessed with rap rock, the Beauvilles were indifferent to trends, existing in a bubble of “independent rock music”reality, before that term became completely mainstream as well. The band traveled far and wide across the 48 states, playing hundreds of shows, dozens of festivals, throwing guitars haphazardly across stages, wine at audiences and whisky on themselves. The band would go through numerous lineup and influence changes before settling into the final lineup featuring Max Norton and Jason Dudney alongside Kyle as a power trio.

Early shows in 2003-2005 evolved quickly from straightforward vintage college rock and pop ala’ the Replacements into being heavily influenced by garage rock, 60’s psych, and british paisley underground. With a darker sense of humor and influence, the band took up residence at an experimental art gallery / warehouse space in Tampa, Florida, as well as setting up recording sessions in abandoned buildings and condemned houses (a gritty and harsh scene more recently cited as inspiration for 4AD band Merchandise). After recordings emerged, the lineup changed and the group evolved into a 4 piece and began touring in earnest, garnering press organically via Rolling Stone and CMJ publications. 

After several years of brutal touring, the Beauvilles had become one of the East Coast’s well known independent touring acts. While band rose with occasional recognition, but remained rather self destructive, whilst collaborating with members of Badfinger, drunkedly ignoring phone calls from RCA records, well documented inter-member onstage violence, being called “F*cking Idiots” by Tom Petty’s collaborator and drummer Stan Lynch for their antics and loaning vintage old guitar gear to Grammy Winning artists for recording sessions for free. Live shows from the middle period of the group circa 2008 were well known for on stage tension, which journalists quickly picked up on and made the group something of a spectacle, culminating in a roof top sold out SXSW performance in 2009 and the release of the band’s label debut, Whispering Sin.

Shortly after Whispering Sin’s release, and with no warning or reason given, the band’s single, “Snow” appeared on every device in the Apple brick-and-mortar stores all across America and beyond. The band never received an explanation from Apple or compensation aside a note from Cupertino, CA stating simply “we’re fans”. The subsequent video, featuring a cold war era firing squad and the same munitions film team that were responsible for the guns that killed Brandon Lee, in the movie the Crow went without a hitch, and resulted in over 80,000 youtube views.

The Beauvilles performed many memorable tours dates with: Deertick, the Warlocks, Sundress, Reptar, the Drive By Truckers, the Growlers, Soundtrack of Our Lives, the Black Angels, Okkervil River, the Porcupine Tree, Bright Light Social Hour, John Langford (Mekons / Waco Bros;the Beaus were his backing band), the Electric Six, Jon Doe (of X), Exene Cervenka (a big fan), Castanets, Alejandro Escovedo, the Whigs, Dead Confederate, Centro-Matic, King Khan and many many more.

Citing a “loss of perspective on what the band means” songwriter and frontman Shawn Kyle put the band on indefinite hiatus in 2013. Kyle now fronts the Baltimore based group AMFMS. Drummer Max Norton currently tours with ATO records artist Benjamin Booker, who cited the band Beauvilles as a significant influence on him wanting to start a rock band.

Check out the AMFMS.

Check out Benjamin Booker.

Alumni :

Jason Dudney (bass) A member of Gunburner, D’yea, and still knows how to dance.

Shawn Kyle (guitar / vocals) started the group Florida Kilos, and then the group AMFMS.

Max Norton (drums) started the group Laurel Canyon, and tours with Benjamin Booker.

Chris Tolan (guitars) was a member of This Runs Through, and the Absence now works in film in San Francisco.

C. Solomon Holmes (drums) has been living in the Berkshires practicing the occult photography.

John Barker (bass) is alive and well in New York City St.Pete Florida.

Cory Karish (bass, upright bass) performs with various rockabilly related touring groups.

Lil’ Randy (bass, upright bass) works in music composition.

Mark the Swede (drums) got his citizenship and is living in Hawaii.

Jesse Martin (drums) toured with the Mercy Seat UK, the Diviners.

Matt Rose (drums) is a founding member of the Dirty Names and also AMFMS.

Quotes of note:

“It is good to hear new music that has the same sort of sincerity and life in it as the scene that I was involved with. I’m a fan.”
– Tony Michalides
Factory Records PR person, and for David Bowie / U2/ Joy Division, author of “Inside the Engine Room”.

“Seriously…stop giving my band drinks…”
“Those guys, those guys (Beauvilles) are F**** crazy.”
-Jason Isbell, New West Recording Artist

“Brilliant songwriting. They have it.”
-John Wesley, Porcupine Tree UK

“Just a great band, a great great live band.”
-Exene Cervenka

“They’re just too good looking to be a good rock band…”
-Patterson Hood, Drive By Truckers

“Cocky and swaggering.”
-Joey Molland, Badfinger.

Miami New Times – Show Preview – Miami New Times – Arielle Castillo

The Beauvilles, from the seedy night club and smuggling port city of Ybor, Tampa have had a tumultuous year, releasing a record entitled Whispering Sin, that found them traveling across country to headline at the famed SXSW music festival to capacity crowds. Mentions in Rolling Stone, Alt Weeklies and multiple festival shows followed, performing at Harvest of Hope with The National, Against Me! and Girl Talk, packed sweaty rock shows at Miami’s Vagabond, a return to Austin for ACL Fest, and an upcoming spot at NYC’s CMJ Music Festival have been highlights. But don’t let the dapper dress and recent luck fool you; this band has been criss-crossing the country for years in ragged tour vans and still rely on incendiary live shows mixing T-Rex with vintage Americana and the swagger of Exile-era Rolling Stones and have a penchant for smashed guitars and the occasional drunken on stage brawl.

A much hyped house group at the quickly becoming legendary Bardot, and a new favorite of our downtown indie club, the Vagabond .

Live Show Review – Weekly Planet – Weekly Planet Chicago/Tampa/Atlanta

“I stood mouth agape. The performance hit hard. It made me smile, temporarily forget the crowded room, the cold beer in my hand, my lit cigarette. Tampa’s The Beauvilles blew me away with a rock ‘n’ roll moment that was so fierce and effective that one audience member wondered aloud if maybe it was contrived.

It wasn’t. It could not have been. I saw the dude’s face after he was thrown off stage into the audience.

Here’s what happened. Last Saturday, the local-music support group BAAMO threw a rock party at Dave’s Aqua Lounge in St. Petersburg called Send-Off: One for the Road — Take 2. The goal of the show was to raise cash for the six Bay area acts selected to perform in Austin, Texas, at the Fifth Annual Florida Bandango. The gig is scheduled for March 14 at the city’s popular Yard Dog Folk Art Gallery on the eve of the massive South By Southwest Music Conference.

I wasn’t expecting any of the acts to let it all hang out and play as if they had something to prove. After all, each one had already been handpicked to represent in Austin. But a funny thing happened when The Beauvilles took the stage around 10 p.m.

The band’s first song was a crunchy rock number, but something was amiss. Lead singer/guitarist Shawn Kyle Beauville kept eyeing relatively new second guitarist Christopher Tolan with suspicion. At song’s end, Beauville draped his skinny arm around the guy’s neck and apparently gave him the Fredo kiss of death. Tolan was then thrown off the stage into the audience, which thankfully caught him.


But that’s not the story. The story is how the Beauvilles soldiered on as an incendiary power trio, with stand-up bassist Randy Lee, drummer Craig Holmes and especially Beauville playing like men on the firing line. Beauville stalked the stage as he sang seething lines about red lips, nightclub waitresses and other forms of rock ‘n’ roll indulgence. When it came time for a guitar solo, he had to stoop down and adjust the effects pedals with his hands. When he arose, he spewed a flurry of noise that spoke volumes about how much steam a man can let off during a rock performance if he is truly pissed and intent on peacocking for all to see.

Luckily, it wasn’t a rock band that had to follow The Beauvilles.”

Show Review – Athens Georgia – Flagpole Magazine

“With a kickin’ live show and incendiary guitar performances, The Beauvilles hail from Florida, playing a straightforward yet energized rock and roll that’ll appeal to fans of the Afghan Whigs, The Who and Exile on Main St.-era Stones. A recommended show.”

Reax Music Magazine Cover story – Reaxmusic.com

Looking Forward to the Beauvilles

from volume 02 issue 03 // by Abigail Susik

“If people start throwing things and something weird happens, or if anybody starts levitating — we can keep that off record,” Shawn Kyle enunciates into the recorder as he slides into the booth at The Garden.

“The Beauvilles drag a mysterious reputation in their wake. All sorts of bizarre things seem to happen when they’re around. To this accusation, they attest absolute innocence.

For the past six months the band has sequestered themselves from the rest of the world while delving into the recording process for their first full-length album — which, despite being nearly complete, remains nameless.

“Before this, I’d be out every night of the week staggering around somewhere with somebody having a silly time and causing trouble,” says Shawn. “Either here or Atlanta or Gainesville or Minneapolis or wherever. … For the last six months I’ve been pretty much locked up recording, and we’ve tried not to be affected, tried not to pollute this process.”

The Beauvilles have been anything but cloistered since their inception six years ago. A local band that has achieved a regional reputation, The Beauvilles have toured across the country several times, taking on the SXSW conference in Austin last year and the Nemo Music Festival in Boston this year. In 2004, The Beauvilles released their first EP, Singapore, which, with its unabashedly catchy rock tunes, quickly sold out. Probing far into the dusty reaches of their proverbial vinyl collection, Singapore channeled influences as far flung as Hendrix and the Doors to Stravinsky and Cage. As a result of this effort, The Beauvilles were one of six unsigned Florida groups chosen out of a few thousand to compete in the NARAS/Grammy showcase in Miami in 2005, where they impressed record magnates enough to score the title of runners up for the 10,000 prize.

So, with all the success and experience, why a case of the nerves before a gig?

“If you go through what it actually takes to try to release a valid body of music, in the current state affairs in the record industry,” explains Shawn, “if you go through what it takes to make the music, create the music, produce the music, record the music, press the music, to make it into a product for other people to take with them, even if they live on the other side of the world … and then to try to be honest about the entire process, you’re bound to go fucking crazy.”

“And you have to, because the only other way around is to be a liar,” Shawn continues. “And I’d rather get frustrated and have my ass kicked all over my country in a tour van, sleeping on fucking floors and eating canned beans and pineapple, than play music that I don’t mean.”

“I’m sorry. I’m getting a little excited,” he says.

And perhaps it is the jittery feeling of anticipation that prevails in the mood of The Beauvilles on this particular evening. Despite their past reputation as a highly image conscious and media savvy band, it appears as if art, in fact, more than any other pursuit, was the main order of the day when they set out to record. This is a point on which The Beauvilles won’t compromise.

“I’m singing about horrible and gorgeous things, about every single thing that really matters,” says Shawn. “We’re talking about crap that if I still went to church, I wouldn’t confess it. But I’m doing it up on stage in front of hundreds of people, occasionally thousands of people. If you’re going to get up there and say that kind of thing, you better mean what the hell you say.”

When conversing about their new material, all of The Beauvilles bandy around ideological words like “intent,” “integrity,” “truth” — even “hope.”

“Hopefully people appreciate it, and enjoy it and identify with it,” says Shawn. “Maybe it resonates with them or means something to them, and that’s all you can really hope.”

Indeed, The Beauvilles have much to look forward to.

“I’m excited,” says Craig, still huddling over his glowing candle. “More excited than I’ve ever been.”

Connection Magazine – Savannah GA show review – Connection Magazine

Savannah GA show review

“Though the house isn’t exactly crowded when The Beauvilles take the stage, it is by their third song. Among the throng are every single person they met at the radio station, and several drunken screamers; Kyle matches wits with the loudest of them between flawless, energetically rendered tunes.

The patrons eat everything up, from Kyle’s now slightly tour-ragged melodies to the drummer’s tight, frequent and completely over-the-top drum fills and John Barker trying to dismantle the stage with his boots. The set ends with Kyle atop the kick drum, guitar neck skyward, as the drummer circles his kit pounding the cymbals into oblivion.

And the crowd, as they say, goes wild…”

Band-To-Watch Biography – the Tribune – the Tribune August 19 2009

Their story: Mentions in Rolling Stone and other national media outlets, a headlining set this weekend at South by Southwest — all of it was a long time coming for one of Tampa’s most hard-working bands, the Beauvilles, a majestic, intense and dynamic rock band with no convenient comparisons or gimmicks, just the artistic vision of frontman Shawn Kyle.

The goods: Click here to listen to the Beauvilles’ single Snow. And keep reading for the full story on how Kyle went from lounge lizard to roots rocker to alt-glam hero…


Mentions in Rolling Stone and other national media outlets, a headlining set this weekend at South by Southwest — all of it was a long time coming for one of Tampa’s most hard-working bands.

“The last 12 months have been very intense,” Beauvilles frontman Shawn Kyle says. “A year ago, I was not sure if I could keep doing this, not sure if I could emotionally finish our new record, Whispering Sin. Since then, the record sold out of its first pressing.”

In the beginning, the Kyle’s identity wasn’t clearly defined. Kyle’s bands started out around the turn of the century, playing underground art warehouse parties, wearing velvet jackets and wooing Bettie Page girls.

Regardless, Kyle was a tireless perfectionist and went on long, brutal tours.

Fast forward to the middle of the decade, and the Beauvilles evolved into the group we have now: a majestic, intense and dynamic rock band with no convenient comparisons or gimmicks, just the artistic vision of Kyle leading the group.

(Debut Album)Whispering Sin’s powerful oomph, teeming urgency and rhapsodic heartbreak finally showcased the Shawn Kyle who needed to bust out and find his proper outlet.

The band worked around the clock recording, touring and promoting the CD. A slick music video for the single Snow, sporting the gravitas of a firing brigade and starring a cigarette-drooping Kyle, got airtime on MTVU and other cable channels.

“We did a couple southeastern tours,” Kyle says, “did some opening dates for the Drive-By Truckers, were invited as an official artist to SXSW in Austin Texas, did another tour to D.C. and back, and we just played the Harvest of Hope Festival with Against Me!, the National and Girl Talk. It was pure madness… now we have been asked to perform during CMJ in New York and at ACL in Austin. I don’t think I will ever sleep again.”

SXSW09 Review – Creative Loafing (Chicago-Tampa-Atlanta-Charlotte) – Joran Slane Oppelt – Creative Loafing

Joran Oppelt – Creative Loafing
March 22nd 2009

The Beauvilles‘ 6 p.m. headlining showcase at B.D. Riley’s had gotten moved, and I was well on track to at least making an appearance at the rescheduled rooftop show at The Wave. Creative Loafing was the official band sponsor, so I at least needed to show up and buy a couple drinks.

The Wave was a small little surfer club of a bar, and you had to force your way to the back of the room, then squeeze between the sound board and the left side of the stage in order to access the stairway to the second level. This level was also standing room only, and I was greeted upstairs by none other than Shawn Beauville himself.

“You’re just in time to see the band from New Zealand with a #1 single that just got signed to Warner Brothers,” he said.

I actually couldn’t tell at first whether he was being sarcastic, but after Midnight Youth played their first song, it was obvious to everyone that these guys were tight as hell (If you can imagine a cross between Spacehog and Night Ranger). Yeah, maybe not the greatest example, but you have to give their new single, “All on Our Own,” at least one listen.

The Florida boys were under some palpable pressure to follow up with a really strong performance and it didn’t help that the patio was so small that the sound man ordered everyone ”away from the stage” to do the changeover. Once in position, Shawn wasted no time, immediately taking control of the sound check, and starting to get everyone back into the room for the impending rock show. Before they began, Shawn leaned down to hand me his camera and said, “We’re going to wreck shit.”

And wreck it they did.

The sound carried off the roof and filled 6th Street. Shawn snarled lyrics into the mic about Ybor City and Tampa cab rides, and girls in cowboy boots and sundresses screamed right back at him. The guys in the crowd were banging their heads with half-closed eyes. Shawn offered CDs to the crowd for donations, but the dancefloor was so tight that we had to form an assembly line of money to the front of the stage and an assembly line of CDs back out to the crowd. Eventually, as Shawn was off tangled in cables atop the kick drum, soloing with a bottle of Lone Star as a guitar slide, bassist John Barker yelled, “Fuck it,” and handed the entire box of discs to the girls in the front row, who proceeded to fling them into the screaming crowd, who all dove and fought for the discs as if they were candy. I wondered where the rest of the Creative Loafing and Media people were at, but found out the next morning that the CL folks and even the B.A.A.M.O. crew couldn’t even use their industry badges to get in because the fire marshall stopped letting people into the building due to it being so over capacity.

When the show was over, the sweat-drenched band signed autographs and took photos with the crowd until the last-call lights came on. As I started to finally make my way towards the exit, I heard one of the band members say, “Best. Set. Ever.”

Published March 22nd 2009

Austin Chronicle Band Preview – Austin Chronicle

As intoxicating as the first time you heard rock and roll, and led by an equally charismatic and possessed singer guitarist, this group has drawn comparisons to the dead 70’s rock icons, while still breaking out into new experimental pop, psychedelic and Americana territories. After all this, they will challenge you to a whiskey drinking contest, and usually seem to win. With incendiary live performances the Beauvilles have become a fixture in regional press and a choice opener and support act for touring bands. Recently the Beauvilles have shared stages and tour dates with: Drive By Truckers, the Black Angels, Jason Isbell, the Warlocks, the National, Broken Social Scene, the Porcupine Tree, John Langford (Mekons / Waco Bros.), Okkervil River, the Diamond Nights, the Electric Six, Jon Doe (of X), Castanets, Alejandro Escovedo, the Whigs, Dead Confederate, Centro-Matic, and various other regional and national acts on multi-billed events. The band will be performing at the Harvest of Hope festival in March 2009 with the National, Broken Social Scene, Bad Brains, Propaghandi, Against Me! and many others. The group has been confirmed as an official showcasing artist at SXSW 2009.

Stylish Kids In Riot (Austria-NYC-Paris-Los Angeles)- Featured Band Interview – StylishKidsInRiot.com

S.K.I.N. Interview with the Beauvilles by Leah Connoly

The Beauvilles are living an indie legend… from Florida and New York to Paris and Japan. They’ve been featured on radio stations across the country, played Grammy and SXSW showcases, graced covers of magazines and been mentioned in Rolling Stone. What really matters though is that they are a tight group of true musicians that perform for the love of it. Shawn Kyle Beauville says that “We all have to believe in something, and I believe in rock and roll music. Real, raw honest vibrant explosive passionate loud and exalting music. I am willing to give my life for this music.”

Last year, they were busking in the streets of Austin during the SXSW music festival and a writer for the New York Times stopped them with… “So this music is damn good, why the hell are you playing on the street?” Shawn answered perfectly “Because we’re real musicians, we play music to play music for the sake of it whether or not people are watching or if we’re on a stage…what else would we be doing?”


SXSW interview with NY Time’s Eric Olsen – NY times

“…So this music is damn good, why the hell are you playing on the street?” I ask.

The singers answer was so brash it took me aback.

“Because we’re real musicians, we play music to play music for the sake of it whether or not people are watching or if we’re on a stage…what else would we be doing?”

At this time the band is not accepting any touring or booking opportunities. Please look into the AMFMS, and thank you for all your support.